Customised Fluid Control Systems,Digital Communication, Solenoid valve, control valve, Mass Flow controller instrumentation, measurement, control, customized solution for OEM
A global network of Bürkert engineering facilities and long-standing years of experience
in the systems business allow us to develop and quickly implement tailor-made solutions for your
requirements. Engineers and scientists from the most diverse specialist fields are at your disposal
for competent and expert consulting. Our range of customized solutions is highly diversified and
ranges from connection plates, plastic injection components, the integration of additional components,
electronics, software and connections via special interfaces, right through to the use of customized
bus technology.
We can therefore ensure that you get the perfect product for your application. The focus of our
work is both on the optimization of procurement and installation costs, and a higher level of integrating
functions into the system. Furthermore, with its geometric dimensions and the mechanical
and electrical interfaces we put in place, the system is optimized to fit into its later
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With help of the Data Matrix Code (DMC) and the scanner sieve details can automatically be imported into the sieve file of the HAVER CSA (Computerized Sieve Analysis) software. The scanning function enables to create and choose a sieve set. With help of the scanning function you also check if the correct sieves are in the right order for the sieving process.
Two packages are available: 1. Full Version HAVER CSA EXPERT with Scanner, and 2. HAVER CSA UPGRADE to EXPERT with manual scanner.
The Data Matrix Code may be laser-etched onto existing test sieves that have stainless steel frames.
An overview of the advantages of the HAVER CSA with sieve recognition:
• Efficient capturing of screen data
• Simplified weighing of the test sieves
• Definite mapping of the test sieves
• Confirming correct sieve order
• User-friendly and intuitive user interface
Haver & Bocker OHG
ROTAVISC hi-vi I Complete
The new ROTAVISC series determines the viscosity of liquids in all areas of application ranging from the laboratory to quality control. The four devices measure in different viscosity ranges. Regardless of a simple or demanding viscosity measurement - the ROTAVISC delivers rapid and accurate results. The scope of delivery includes a standard spindle set ( SP7-SP12), a protective bracket, temperature sensor, quick connector, hook connector and ROTASTAND stand.

Easy to operate
The generous 4.3″ TFT display allows for an intuitive menu guidance. A digital spirit level also supports the correct set-up of the start-up condition. The simple ramp function simplifies repetitive tasks.

Highest measurement accuracy
The level of measurement accuracy of the ROTAVISC rotational viscometer for both Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids is +/- 1 % of the measuring range. The reproducibility is +/- 0.2 %.

IKA Rotavisc hi-vi I Complete
Viscosity measuring range: 200 - 80.000.000 mPas
IKA Works Asia Sdn. Bhd.
Sera and Media of highest Quality Quality of chemicals used meet in general the standards "pro analysi", and "Ph.Eur.", Any modifications from the original formulation are indicated on the label
Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) and Newborn Calf Serum are examined to exclude viruses such as Bovine Virus Diarrhoea (BVD-MD), Bovine Herpes Virus type 1 (BHV-1), and Parainfluenza Virus type 3 (PI-3). Test results have to prove negative with respect to cytopathogenicity and immunperoxidase staining. FBS is screened also for antibodies against these virus type. Growth support level of sera in cell and tissue culture is determined through extensive biological testing, including growth tests with a range of commonly used cell lines. All sera have to test negative for mycoplasma. The release of the sera is only effected after a negative result.

Like all liquid products (media, additives), animal sera are sterilized using the membrane filtration technique with pore size <0.2 µm for sera in general, media and additives. For FBS, a filter pore size with 0.1 µm is used as standard. GmbH
The Next Generation Universal Membrane is Here!
NEW wwPTFE Membrane Product Family
This all new product family includes syringe filters, plates and spins.

With this membrane:
• Extend column life up to 52 times
• Reduce contamination with up to 24% less filter extractables than the competition
• Simplify your sample preparation, saving time and money

Request your free sample online at:

Or email:
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FORTUNA® OPTIMAT® 3 Dispensing station back in the program range of Poulten & Graf
The new design and the large touchscreen display show at first glance that the OPTIMAT dispensing station has been completely revised. Above all, we focused on the operating comfort. Furthermore, the user can accurately and reliably carry out serial dispensing in volume ranges from 0.05 - 300 ml. Even aggressive liquids, such as e.g. strong acids, can be easily handled with the dosing pumps that are made out of high quality materials such as borosilicate glass and PTFE. The robust FORTUNA® OPTIMAT® 3 is perfectly suitable for continuous operation.
Poulten & Graf GmbH
Spectrolab Pressure control panel BM55-2A
Wall- and cabinet-mounting pressure control panels with fully automatic change-over function / Ambimat

For non-corrosive gases up to quality 5.0
Simple outlet pressure adjustment
Minimised pressure difference between left and right hand side outlet pressure due to Ambimat
Maximum emptying of gas cylinders
Laboratory-style design
Ergonomically designed
Modular design (to be extended to 2x2, 2x3 etc. cylinders)
Filter at the process gas inlet valve
Diaphragm-type shut-off valves optimised for low internal volume with On/Off position indicator
Regulator with high control accuracy and integrated relief valve
Designed for easy installation
Tested for use with oxygen
Suitable for inlet pressure values up to 300 bar
Compact design especially for installation into safety cabinets for gas cylinders
Spectron Gas Control Systems GmbH